Sunday, March 25, 2012

Post 1: A review of sorts

So.... First blog post....

Kind of awkward....

I've thought of writing blogs in the past but this will be the first time I clicked the "publish post" button.

I've decided to start with the reason why I'm running.


A few years back I was in the right place at the right time and saw a presentation from Daren Wendell who was representing Blood:Water Missions. He spoke about the water crisis in Africa. He shared startling statistics about how the average person in parts of Africa will walk miles a day to water sources that are also used to clean clothes and dishes. The water isn't fresh or clean and can lead to disease. The presentation stuck with me but I didn't jump at the opportunity to get involved.

Between that night and 2010 many things happened in my life. I became a husband, started a nice cushy cubicle job, gained some weight (see nice cushy cubicle job), had a child with said wife, etc, etc.

Then in 2010 a trend started with people in my church and running long distances. A few people ran with a group called Active:Water. What I didn't know about Active:Water was it was a group that stemmed from the presentation I had seen years ago. In the past, I let distractions and life goals get in my way of helping the cause but not this time.

Active:Water is a non-profit organization that uses athletics, disciplined training, and personal testimony to raise money for wells and filters in Africa (and now Asia). I've run one half marathon for Active:Water and in October I'll be running on the Active:Water team for my first full marathon.

I urge you to visit Active:Water's website for more information.

This blog isn't affiliated with Active:Water and I don't work for the group. So don't just take my word for it. Go to the site and check it out.

This blog will chronicle the past couple years of my life, running, the training that'll go down in 2012, parenting, being married, faith, school, and whatever else comes from my stream of consciousness.

I hope you stop by again.