Race Medals

I took this idea from a great blog PGH Runner.  I'm going to use this page to show the medals from the races I've run.  Maybe one day I can post an age group top 3 award (just kidding).

2015 Nationwide Children's Hospital Half Marathon
Columbus, Ohio
2015 Pro Football Hall of Fame Team Relay
Canton, Ohio

2015 Gold Jacket 5k
Canton, Ohio
Note: This medal is huge...

2014 Made In America Half Marathon
Massillon, Ohio

2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame Half Marathon
Canton, Ohio

2013 Akron Marathon *shutter*
Akron, Ohio

2013 Cleveland Half Marathon (current PR on half)
Cleveland, Ohio

2013 Ashland Sprint Triathlon (first triathlon)
Ashland, Ohio

2012 Chicago Marathon
Chicago, Illinois

2012 Canton Half Marathon (now defunct)
Canton, Ohio

2012 Big Game 10k (now defunct)
Canton, Ohio
2011 Columbus Half Marathon
Columbus, Ohio
2011 Cleveland Half Marathon
Cleveland, Ohio
My first race medal and first half marathon


  1. Cleveland was my first marathon. :) I love the Pro FB Hall of Fame & Akron medals. They're both on my list. :)

    1. HOF Marathon was in their first year and you couldn't even tell. It's worth the trip! Akron is my nemesis because the second half seems all uphill, lol. I'll run that race again. Someday...