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Oh.  Hello there!

My name is Thomas.  I am a Christian.  Husband.  Father.  Runner.  Triathlete.  Insurance company employee.

I have a beautiful wife, and full-time momma bear, Aimee.  Together we have two daughters.  Savannah and Addison.

Running 4 H20 is my blog.  On it I will share my workouts, goals, aspirations, race experiences, and whatever else.

Aside from a year in baseball, football, and basketball during my adolescence, I have not grown up as an athlete.  I never had a relationship with running.  Almost seven years ago I joined the Army and was forced to run and be somewhat in shape.  Once basic training was over I set back into my old habits of being nonathletic.

During this period I was in the right place at the right time and heard a presentation from a man named Daren Wendell.  He gave insight about the world water crisis.  Specifically in Africa.  While the presentation left an impression on me I felt that I wasn't much help in the fight.  If I don't have money how can I help a charity?

A couple years would go by before I felt the call to run.  After a minor knee surgery I hopped on the treadmill and ran.  

The mission?  To run a half marathon and raise money for the Christ centered charity Active:Water.

This was completed in May of 2011 with over $500 raised.

Since that time I have completed more races and focused on completing my first marathon.  This came to life in February 2012 when I signed up for the Chicago Marathon.

First Marathon Finished!

To make a long story short over $1000 was raised and I completed the marathon.  If you would like to make the short story longer read my posts about our trip and the race.  Chicago I  Chicago II

While it's easy to type all of this out to share, running isn't something that came easy to me.  I'm not a speed demon.  Some would call me a "charity runner".  Call it what you will.  I love the sport, I love running, and I love being able to use it to better people's lives and share God's love.

Thanks for joining me in my journey.

If you have any questions for me leave them in the comments below or email me at thomascostello678@gmail.com.

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  1. That is awesome! I too have been involved with Clean Water initiatives around the globe and have been a partner with World Vision for many years. By the way, I recently wrote an article about athletes and improving performance (http://wp.me/p5950Y-9A). I hope this helps in your quest.