Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cleaning Off The Dust


Life's been pretty distracting lately.

Bought a van
Went to Ohio for Thanksgiving
Transmission goes out in van
Being sick
Not running
Sitting at car dealership
Sitting at car dealership
Not running
Sitting at car dealership
Questioning every decision I've made this year
Sitting at car dealership
Finally having working vehicle
Not running
Thinking about running
Working overtime
Not running

There's a rundown for you.

Our trip to Ohio was a blast.  There was snow, family, friends, fun, turkey, a 5k, my birthday, and more fun.  Some of the highs were spending Thanksgiving with my mom, going to lunch with Jermaine, my wife getting me Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The Worlds End on blu-ray (and a blu-ray player to actually be able to watch them), and the turkey trot.  The only low was the transmission going out in the van a few hours from home.  After I shut the van off and started it back up I was able to drive without much issue (except going up hill).

Back to the highs, specifically the turkey trot.  It was down right frigid.  In the teens, without the wind chill (my beard had persperationcicles).  I made a mental note to pack my hat and gloves, which means I forgot to bring them.  Physical notes trump mental notes every time.  I bought a winter hat (and Darth Vader goblet) and my friend Adam was gracious enough to let me borrow a pair of gloves that didn't seem to work until a mile and a half in. I'm talking completely numb fingers.

There are a few reasons this race was so important to my trip back home.  First, I've done the race for the past 3 years.  It's the only race I've done every year of running and has quickly become a Thanksgiving tradition.  Second, I was there with my friends.  My training partners (and all around swell guys) Bryce, James, Scott, and Adam were all on hand.  To be kind to their finishing times I didn't run with any of them but we got to spend some QT together pre and post trot.  James was even 4th in his age group!  The Perry Rotary Turkey Trot is no joke either.  Around 3,000 people sign up and there is serious competition.  People were wearing race singlets and short shorts.  It's THAT serious.  Finally, I ran!  Something I hadn't been doing since I moved to Richmond.  I ran the race around 9:30 per mile.  Nowhere close to a record but I enjoyed the feeling again.  I also perused the photos and all of us got onto the Ohio Challenge Series race photos, which I will now share with you:

Adam "I wear running tights without shorts over them" Buttacavoli

Bryce "Running next to a guy he doesn't know but is wearing almost the exact same thing minus the gloves" York

James "On the far left, killin' it all day every day" Monroe

Scott "Lovin' the hat and sunglasses combo" Suarez

Thomas "I'm getting beat by someone dressed as a turkey" Costello

I did some marathon training prep and found out that my training plan starts January 6th for the April 27th Hall of Fame Marathon, in Canton.  This frightens me a little bit.  I want to make this my best marathon yet, but that alone isn't motivating me.  I could sit here and blame the stress of the past couple months, not knowing the area that well, or living on a busier street as reasons why I'm not running.  So I will!

Just kidding.

I don't know where my motivation has gone.  It's about time I find it again though.  I've asked some running co-workers if they want to meet up.  That's always kept me accountable in the past, mostly.

The bike didn't make it's way back to Ohio.  There wasn't as much room as I had hoped.  We have family coming down for Christmas next week and I asked if they could bring the bike.  Unfortunately, they have a new car and don't want to scratch it.  Which I completely understand.  I'd be pretty perturbed if I scratched up my new(ish) scion xB.  Unless a bike falls from the sky I don't see myself doing any triathlons next year so right now this marathon is all I've got to look forward to, race wise.  With our higher cost of living and the addition of a car payment I don't foresee any changes to my upcoming race schedule.

Looking WAY ahead to 2015 I'll be running on one of the legs of Daren Wendell's run across the United States.  Doing 100 marathons in 100 days.  It'll most likely be the second to last run but we haven't firmly decided.  If you want to read more about Daren's run click on the links to the top right.  Run Daren Run is the name you want.

I'm already starting to think about my next blog post.  It's going to review my 2013 goals and how many were accomplished.  The thought of looking at my 2013 goals frightens me.  My gut is telling me I didn't do too hot.

We'll see soon....

Thanks for reading!  Maybe I'll make this blogging thing a regularly scheduled event!?