Thursday, March 28, 2013

Runner For Hire

Running and triathlons are sports that are unlike many others.  95% of the time is spent on practicing.  Not to say that the mainstream sports (basketball, football, baseball, etc) do not spend a lot of time training, but the frequency of competition is much higher.  Baseball teams play 5-6 games a week.  Basketball 2-3 games a week.  Football 4 games a month.  Last year I ran in 11 races.  Less than 1 per month.  This year I vowed to spend a little less on my races.  So far there are 2 races I've signed up for and maybe another 2 or 3 that I think I'll be able to sign up for.  I've cut my races in half for the calendar year.  HALF!

Which brings me to my point.  I love races.  The energy.  The anticipation.  The celebratory chocolate milk.  I just love it.  I devised a plan to work overtime to help my racing habits.  Then overtime ended.  Tuesday I go to Malone for a writers event to see if I won a creative writing contest (I submitted my mini autobiography).  The winner gets $150.  Second and third place for each category get $50.  Of course I'd like to win because I thought I did a good job at writing the paper.  The REAL reason I want to win is so I can sign up for some races. [UPDATE: I lost... bummer!]

So what happens if that doesn't work?  How do I feed the beast that is racing?


Yes.  You read that right.  Sponsors.  Now if you've checked out my "races" section of this blog you will see that my times are OK.  Have I won a race?  No.  Top 3 in an age group?  Nope.  Hines Ward has never won an endurance event and Chocolate Milk is sponsoring him.  TYR gave him a $1600 wetsuit.  I'm guessing his Ironman Kona registration magically was taken care of.  I know what you're thinking "He was a very popular NFL player.  Superbowl MVP."  MVP SchmeMVP..

So.  Here are a few reasons why I would be GREAT for sponsors:

1. I don't move so fast that the logo or text will be blurred.

2. Because I am slightly wider than the normal professional runner I have more room for ad space.

3. Companies are always trying to reach a certain demographic.  Why not reach the people in your demographic with someone IN the demographic!  (mid 20 to mid 30, male, modestly attractive, some may call "trim")

4. I have experience working with ads and marketing.

If those don't convince you to sponsor some of my races than I don't know what to tell you.  I'm not even asking to be paid.  I don't want products to review on my blog.  I don't want to have giveaways.  I just want you to pay for my race entries.  

It would probably be best to sponsor me if I'm already using your product frequently (Apple, Specialized, Saucony, Ford.. ahem)

I'll be waiting patiently for your calls and emails.  

Thank you!

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