Friday, February 21, 2014

Two Steps Forward. Three Steps Back.

Myself, and the city of Richmond, have been on a roller coaster ride as of late.

For example, last week I had to work from home because we had almost six inches of snow (snow shuts this city down for DAYS).  The last couple days it's been in the 60s..

Leading up to the Richmond Snowpocalypse I was working out everyday.  I became a member of the USA Triathlon Organization.  I was scouting out races (even a half ironman).  I continued with my "waking up at 430 and working out" thing.  This week I worked out once.  Tonight I ate a large amount of pizza...

What a difference a snowstorm makes...

Side note, my one trip to the gym was eventful.  While I was running on the treadmill a gentleman walked by singing the Kansas classic "Carry On Wayward Son".  Aimee was walking on the treadmill next to me and finished first.  A couple minutes after heading to the locker room, the Kansas cover band lead singer (Maybe the band is called Noise and Confusion) walked up to the neighboring treadmill.  The following is most of an actual conversation, or as much as my brain is allowing me to remember...

Kansas: Dude!  How long did you do?  About 20 minutes?

Me: Ran about 25 to 30 minutes

Kansas: No wonder you have bulging calfs!  How many wives do you have with those!?

Me: Ha, just one.  I'm good with one.

Kansas: I see you don't have your wedding ring either!

Me (mild interruption): Yeah, I lost it on vacation

Kansas (regaining his lead role in the conversation): How does that saying go?  Familiarity breeds contempt?  My wife had me destroy my ring!

After some random pleasantries like "thanks" and "have a good one" we went on with our lives.  I will be changed forever...


I was on a good rhythm of going to the gym and the snow storm shut down the YMCA for 2 days.  That's right, 2 days (even Dunkin Donuts was closed).  Now every morning I wake up at the first alarm of 4:20.  Then again at 4:30.  Then again at 6:00 (after I've shut off the pre 5 am alarms).  This is an every day occurrence.  How do you get your tired self to NOT go back to sleep?  I feel like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde without any of the brains and many more trans fats.

The wife and I took a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class last year and have been slacking as of late.  This week we put together a complete budget and it took a lot of the wind out of my race sail.  To the point where doing a big race seems completely out of the question.  Maybe this year will be a quieter one.

Still looking for gainful employment...


  1. Get your ass back to working out! That half ironman you are looking at or is in the back of your head isn't going to train itself. So you took a week off, we'll call it a scale back week to avoid injury and now you can get back to training!
    To get myself to work out in the morning, I tell myself that when I wake up and am so tired I can't possible workout, would an extra hour of sleep really make a difference? Usually if I'm tired in the morning an extra hour of sleep won't make a difference (an extra 5 hours and that's another story.)

    1. This is true. Life's been kind of a whirlwind but it probably is for most people. It's easy to fall for the excuses but I'm fighting through. This race is gonna happen! I'm excited to do a half ironman but man that full is the end goal.